Description of the painting Leonardo da Vinci Madonna and flower (Madonna Benoit)

Description of the painting Leonardo da Vinci Madonna and flower (Madonna Benoit)

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Madonna and flower is one of Leonardo's first works of art. Da Vinci portrayed the Madonna in a room with a darkened view, in which the image in the depths of the double window is the only source of light. The window is presented in addition to the greenish light, which cannot be completely absorbed by the twilight, but at the same time it was more than sufficient to make the figure of the Madonna and young Christ distinctly clarified.

The main manifestation of the figure of the Madonna and Christ was made by the light that pours from the upper left. With the help of this light, the master was able to give the picture more animation in the form of a game of chiaroscuro and give the aggregate volume to two figures. In the 19th century, this work was successfully transferred from a blackboard to a canvas, as evidenced by the corresponding reminder in the Register of paintings by Mr. Alexander Sapozhnikov, which was compiled in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven.

"Madonna" Leonardo De Vinci was widely known among the painters of that era. And not only the majority of Italian masters adopted the techniques of the young artist in their works, but also the majority of painters from the Netherlands. According to art critics, at least ten works of art with a similar theme were carried out under his direct influence.

Among these works, it is worth noting the work of Lorenzo de Credi "Madonna and Child and John the Baptist", which is currently in the Dresden Art Gallery, and "Madonna and Carnations" is a work of Raphael.

However, later one of the most unique works of Leonardo was lost, and for several centuries the work of Leonardo de Vinci had the status of lost.

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