Description of the painting by Alexander Golovin “Flowers”

Description of the painting by Alexander Golovin “Flowers”

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Alexander Yakovlevich Golovin became more famous as a theater artist. He created sketches of scenery for productions in the Imperial theaters. At the same time, the painter left many masterfully painted portraits.

A special place among the master’s works is still lifes with flowers. There are few of them, but these are bright spots that can decorate a gray boring everyday life. Golovin loved flowers, and even painted himself against the backdrop of lush pink and white peonies.

The painting "Flowers" was painted in 1912, when Golovin combines the main activities of a theater artist with the lessons of "drawing for the soul." He writes canvases related to easel painting, in which one can feel the hand of a master with a characteristic ornate ornamentality.

The image of flowers carries a decorative orientation. The author presents a kind of theatrical action. A significant character - a lush bouquet of peonies, which for the most part have not yet fully opened their buds - is half drawn. He stands in a black porcelain vase on a gold stand. Feeling his superiority over other heroes, he rises above them and tries to take up more space.

But the artist brings to the forefront smaller figures, more modest in size, but no less attractive with external refinement and beauty. Red and white flowers in pots stand on a paper litter so as not to stain the tablecloth. Pots of different sizes, heroes of different ranks. In front is a bright red flower, followed by white and burgundy.

The artist combined different plants into one composition: those that grow in the garden in the fresh air, and those that cannot stand drafts and are in the house. But both of them are equally beautiful and expressive.

All the smallest details in the image of the petals, leaves and stems are clearly deduced by the hand of the painter. Moreover, floral splendor is emphasized against the background of a yellow decorative curtain with floral patterns.

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