Description of the painting by Fedor Alekseev "Kolomenskoye (panoramic view)"

Description of the painting by Fedor Alekseev

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Fedor Alekseev is a fairly well-known Russian landscape painter and master of Veduta (a detailed image of the everyday, everyday landscape). It is considered the "Russian Canaletto." Known for the creation of such works as "Red Square" (1801), "Orphan's House", "Interior View of the Courtyard with a Garden. Loggia in Venice. "

Kolomenskoye is an equally famous village near Moscow, which used to be the royal residence and patrimony of Moscow princes. It has a rich history. For example, on the initiative of Vasily III, the famous Ascension Church was built there. Also there is the Catherine Palace, erected in 1825. It was to the panoramic view of this part of the village of Kolomensky that the artist Fedor Alekseev turned.

The foreground is the river. She is calm, her water is clear. A fragile wooden bridge was thrown across it. At the shore closest to the viewer, a boat tied to a peg, more like a nutshell, no, not a sliver from it.

To the left of the river, the viewer notices a small grove, beside which several paths lie. To the right is a hill covered with bright green grass. Therefore, we can say that the landscape was painted in late spring or in the early to mid-summer.

Even further - already behind the grove and clearing - actually there is the Ascension Church, the Catherine Palace, others impressive with its simplicity and grandeur at the same time. But they all seem tiny against the background of the tower, which has become the center of the background. By the way its top is crowned with a cross, we can say that this is the very famous church of the Lord Ascension.

Her majesty against a light blue sky and a whitish, almost disappeared rainbow should remind not only of the talent of the artist who created such an image on the canvas, and architects that had a hand in her creation, but also of the strength and exaltation of the human spirit, of the possibilities that are open to the human race and to each of us individually.

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