Description of the painting by Rembrandt van Rijn "Saskia Flora"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt van Rijn

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The great and talented artist Rembrandt van Rijn wrote a myriad of unique works of art that are still admired by artists, art historians and true connoisseurs of painting.

“Saskia Flora” is considered one of the most mysterious, charming and romantic natures of the artist. It was painted in oil on canvas in 1634. Here, the pen and individuality of the creator can be clearly traced, which can be distinguished against the background of other, equally talented personalities.

This is a portrait of his lady of the heart, whom he married the same year.

Saskia is represented in all its charms: youth, flowering, innocence, romance and ease of nature. It is difficult and painstaking to convey such feelings and state of mind. The rich clothes of that time are shown in full accordance with the era, the flowers with which the head is decorated add festivity and solemnity to the image. Sunlight complements the entire range of colors, allowing them to shimmer in new and unexpected variations. There is nothing to turn away from the perception of the image, on the contrary, I want to watch, watch and watch.

Nowadays, it is hardly possible to meet such a pure and innocent creature, thoughts that are open to our eyes at a glance. His beloved wife introduced a ray of light into the ordinary and boring life of Rembrandt, which abruptly turned his mood and state of mind. She is the muse that inspired him to the masterpieces of pictorial art, which became a grand discovery for the whole world. He loved to dress his wife in velvet, brocade, pearls and shouted to his environment and the world what gift he had been given by fate.

The author portrayed Saskia many times, but this picture surpasses all his creations combined.

The painting is in the State Hermitage in the city of St. Petersburg, anyone can enjoy the work of the great master with a capital letter of the word.

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