Description of the painting Nikolai Krymov “Pines”

Description of the painting Nikolai Krymov “Pines”

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Nikolai Petrovich Krymov is an Honored Artist of the RSFSR, a teacher and simply a master of landscape. One of his stunning works is the oil painting “Pines”, painted in 1907 on 80 × 80 canvas.

Despite the fact that this picture is far from the best of the whole variety of landscapes painted by Krymov, it still deserves special attention. The canvas is painted in light tones of yellow and green, creating a light and spring-summer atmosphere.

The foreground of the picture is a kind of backstage formed by rose bushes and tree branches. This colorful and slightly darkened frame creates the necessary contrast with the background of the whole picture.

Right after the "backstage" we see a small pond, calm and motionless, in which the surrounding bushes, covered with soft pinkish flowers, are reflected.

And now behind the bushes, as if by the next tier, a golden field appears to us, and after it you can see in the distance the hills closed by many of the very pines - the main characters of the picture, some of which rise above the others, showing all their greatness.

Almost half of the space of the picture is occupied by the blue sky, all covered with snow-white clouds. In an amazing way, the painter managed to create an amazing perspective in them: huge and clear near, they become so blurry and tiny in the distance. And looking at this sky and these pines, we understand that these magnificent forests stretch to the very horizon, which you will not be able to capture if you wish in this or any other picture.

The composition, in which there is such a small number of shades and elements, surprises and amazes with its harmony, creating its own special mood. Each color and element for the picture was not chosen randomly and allows you to achieve completeness and peace.

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