Description of the painting by Fedor Vasilyev "Before the storm"

Description of the painting by Fedor Vasilyev

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Vasiliev is a wonderful landscape painter who created many works. His paintings are lyrical and light. Perhaps the painter's favorite storyline is a thunderstorm. On this subject he has especially many works that are distinguished by drama. The work "Before the Storm" the author wrote at the end of his journey along the Volga.

The picture "Before the Thunderstorm" is painted in golden gray shades. The gray clouds in the sky indicate the approaching imminent thunderstorm. But through these heavy clouds bright golden rays of light break through, filling nature with the expectation of something joyful.

In the picture we see the depicted hut covered with tree crowns. People rush here to hide from the approaching heavy rain and terrible violence of the elements. Vasiliev managed to portray man as an invariable part of nature, an inseparable component. By this technique, the painter indicates to us the unity of nature and man.

The thunderstorm itself is an amazing natural phenomenon. The sky is painted in rich dark colors. In the picture, it is admirable. It is also surprising that the author used a large number of multi-colored shades, softening their transition, so that the boundaries between strokes are indistinguishable. The artist managed to capture nature with amazing accuracy a few minutes before the storm. Vasiliev showed in his picture the tension of nature and its internal conflicts.

Vasiliev Fedor is a great artist, depicting the sky and heavenly waters. Motives of nature before a thunderstorm quite often are repeated in the artist's work. Perhaps he was attracted by the tension of nature before this phenomenon. Fedor Vasiliev is a talented Russian landscape painter, whose hallmark is poetry and the rare harmony of colorful flowers.

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