Description of the painting Fyodor Vasilyev "The Thaw"

Description of the painting Fyodor Vasilyev

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For artists, probably, like for nature, bad weather is only a conditional category. The sad and cold landscape familiar to all of us can be an inspiration? It turns out yes, maybe. Just look at Vasilyev’s picture “The Thaw”. Here, the famous Russian slut is portrayed so vividly and expressively that even a person who has never seen her in her life will feel it.

Even the stretched form of the canvas makes the mud more expressive and enhances the feeling of hopelessness. The picture becomes more dull by the trees in the background still in hibernation and a wretched hut barely showing signs of life.

The sky, gloomy and cloudy, increases the pressure, and in a semantic sense makes the picture complete. In the foreground is a blurred and dispersed country road, and an essential detail of the painting is a traveler with a child. Tired travelers to some extent make the overall background of the picture more alarming. But on the other hand, if there is a traveler on the road and a thaw from the thaw, then hope and spring are probably ahead. The fact is that Vasiliev painted his picture young (it is the first adult work), and it seems that he was not completely embraced by sad thoughts.

Briefly about the picture, which by the way had a lot of positive reviews, including outside of Russia, we can state its ingenious simplicity. The whole essence of the picture in the aggregate of successfully placed parts of the thaw - wet snow, slush, brown trees and bushes, not so cold, but moist air, etc.

A peculiar recognition of the Thaw painting is the fact that in 1872, the London Morning Post expressed a desire that Vasiliev come to the English capital to write a thaw on its streets.

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