Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Kiss”

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Kiss”

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From the paintings of Picasso, one can judge that he does not have any own style, but nevertheless, his paintings are almost immediately recognizable and stand out from the rest. As for the paintings made by the master already in the last period, it can be noted that he returns to the same themes.

The canvas "Kiss" is saturated with the versatility of technology. The artist worked on this picture non-uniformly, sometimes diligent strokes are seen, it seemed calculated to a millimeter, sometimes hasty strokes are visible. And due to the fact that Picasso’s vision was already noticeably impaired, he had to make some adjustments every now and then.

The painting was done as an ode to an all-conquering kiss and a real surge of feelings, to enhance the emotional background, the master performed it to some extent indifferent. This is evident in the facial expressions and emotions of a man. Firstly, the canvas clearly shows that the man no longer merges in a passionate outburst with a woman, his eyes no longer look in her, but somewhere in the other direction. Thus, a certain distance arises between them, both physically and emotionally, it is on this thin line of understanding that the main emphasis is made.

This canvas, one of the two hundred paintings of the master, where he tries to reveal the theme of emotions in the modern world. As we see, the separation of figures and even their deformation continues, but nevertheless, the work does not have such an aggressive color as can be found in earlier works.

Despite this, revolutionism directly emanates from the picture, and in many ways it is this series of paintings that could change the attitude of all mankind not only to forms and figures, but also to space itself as a whole. This, of course, is one of the achievements of the great artist, who was able to change several generations of future artists with his work.

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