Description of the painting “The Thaw” by Alexei Savrasov (Early Spring)

Description of the painting “The Thaw” by Alexei Savrasov (Early Spring)

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Savrasov in his work assigns a separate place for the image of spring landscapes. There are works through which the master tells the viewer about the endless joy of nature that awakens.

And there are such paintings in which the deep sadness and feelings of the author are hidden. Just one of these works, filled with the deepest lyrical sensation, is a canvas called "The Thaw" or as it is also called "Early Spring", dated 1874.

The plot of the picture is quite simple and does not have any hidden background. The plain opens before the viewer, which is still covered with a snow blanket. The air is still quite cold, despite the approaching warming.

In the foreground you can see several poor village houses, behind which, a little at a distance, is a white village church. The sky, however, seems endless from its dullness.

Despite this, it is felt that a barely noticeable blow of the spring breeze is already rolling across the cold plain, but these blows can already be seen open areas of the soil in some places and trees began to wake up. With the onset of spring, migratory birds began to return, which settled on the top of the trees and speak with all their appearance about the arrival of spring.

This work is surprising in its penetration and spirituality. Savrasov was able to warm enough and so fulfill the story of spring in this picture at home. The master not only copied nature and transferred it to the host in an instant, he transmitted to us all his experiences that he felt and that nature felt.

Despite the predominance of gray and languid shades, the master very finely draws all the lines and thereby performs a pictorial solution. It should be noted that in this landscape the master picked up very native notes that are able to offend the “lively" of any viewer.

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