Description of the painting by Peter Paul Rubens “The Straw Hat”

Description of the painting by Peter Paul Rubens “The Straw Hat”

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Before us is a picture of the great Rubens - "The Straw Hat" or, as it is otherwise called - "Portrait of Susanna Furment." Despite the fact that the hat on the woman depicted is not made of straw, but of felt, the painting is called the “Straw hat”. From what? The thing is that the spelling of the words “straw” and “felt” in French have similarities, and the person who made the inventory of the paintings simply made a mistake in writing - a mistake and gave the name to this magnificent picture.

Depicted here is not a secular lady, but one of the artist's close relatives. This is none other than the older sister of his second wife. The image of Susanna Furment can be found on several canvases of the painter. At the time of writing the picture, she was a married woman, which can be seen from the ring, dressed on the index finger of her right hand - this picture is her wedding portrait.

The composition is quite simple - the portrait is made in a belt, the face is turned to the viewer by three quarters. But how rich are the colors and colors, what an amazing splendor of fabrics and the play of light! Rubens, with great inspiration, personally painted this portrait (which is important for contemporaries, because everyone knows that many canvases in his workshop were painted and painted by his students, no less talented artists).

A black wide-brimmed hat slightly darkens the face of the girl, which creates amazing reflections on the face of Susanna, partial shade. The artist so skillfully and skillfully plays with light and colors, depicting her face and velvet folds of the dress, that it is impossible to look at this picture with indifference. It flows life, freshness and youth! Against a blue background, similar to free heavenly space, the figure of the girl seems even brighter and more attractive, lighter and more airy.

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