Description of Francis Bacon's painting “Portrait of Lucian Freud”

Description of Francis Bacon's painting “Portrait of Lucian Freud”

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“Portrait of Lucian Freud” - a picture created by the outstanding portrait painter and artist Francis Bacon between 1965 and 1969, later “Three Sketches for the Portrait of Lucien Freud” were written.

The canvas is made in the spirit of expressionism, which is manifested in a certain sculptural component of the portrait, a fracture of forms, a mixture of colors and their spreading over the picture. A certain deformation is characteristic of such fluidity, which is characteristic of all Bacon's paintings, making them natural and quite accessible to understanding.

Lucian Freud is one of the best experts in the field of figurative art of painting, Bacon met him in 1945 and made friends very quickly. Artists painted portraits of each other more than once, but the portrait painted by Bacon is the most successful from the point of view of contemporary art, but less understandable for an ordinary person who is not used to expressionism breathing aggression.

The canvas really depicts the silhouette and general features of the human neck, shoulders and head, but instead of the face, the viewer faces a set of oblique lines, strokes and streaks, among which only a very close connoisseur of this direction in art is able to discern a person’s nose, eyes, eyebrows and mouth. The common features inherent in Freud were hardly able to find in this portrait himself.

A person's face is painted in a mixture of pink and dark red colors, only hair and a shirt collar remain normal from the point of view of a normal portrait. The portrait was painted against a dark background, behind Freud there is nothing but a gaping black void, but nevertheless he really liked the portrait and was received with great enthusiasm, which very soon passed - in the mid 70's friends argued about the manner of painting and failed to establish relations more, and this portrait became the only witness to the friendship linking them.

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