Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh "La Cro"

Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh

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The painting was painted in 1885.

For all viewers, this canvas necessarily causes an incredibly pleasant and complete sense of peace. Van Gogh depicted the traditional picture when harvesting. The colors are a little exaggerated. The painter enriches them and deliberately saturates them. In reality, they are slightly different. The rapprochement of the image and the object occurs against the background of the most gentle color of the sky, which is depicted in depth.

The viewer sees the shining fields that are looking forward to harvesting from them. Golden yellow prevails in this picture. It conveys a special radiance and true joy.

Van Gogh said that working on this masterpiece was very easy. He wrote on the top of the hill to see everything that happens from a particular point. Fields, vineyards appear before us from a bird's eye view. This picture is truly endless.

The painter wrote all his creations with an unusually passionate and furious manner. We feel the passionate temperament of the artist, his desire to feel the incredible harmony in everything and convey it to the audience. But it was also clearly felt that the painter feels an unconscious fear of forces that are hostile to him and to humanity as a whole. This explains such an excess of yellow in different shades, which his paintings are simply oversaturated.

The landscape is truly filled with the light of the sun, which gives it incredible charm and special warmth. Van Gogh had an amazing ability to fill a special life, even inanimate objects.

We feel a special vision of the world. It cannot but surprise, and therefore no one can ever repeat Van Gogh's masterpieces. He could not only capture his original, unlike anything else, world view, but also miraculously, impose it on all those who looked at his creations.

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