Description of the painting by Vasily Tropinin “Self-portrait against a window with a view of the Kremlin”

Description of the painting by Vasily Tropinin “Self-portrait against a window with a view of the Kremlin”

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Nobody has ever discussed such a legendary person. But this artist has the right to much, even to such a small story. Fame came to him too late at the age of forty-seven, but this is not at all because he so wanted, but because fate so ordered.

Tropinin is not an ordinary citizen of the Russian Empire, he was a serf, the son of a serf. True, he was still given freedom as a young man. But only to him, and not to his whole family. He had to give up liberty and again serve his master. True, with one, but ... he could leave at any moment.

But he was lucky then, one of the owner’s relatives noticed the guy’s addiction to art and offered to try to enter an art school. Which, in general, happened, he weaned there. But the continuation did not work: in the estate of the master, his father dies and the future genius is summoned to the estate to take the post of father. And the post was not easy - managing the estate. The estate was in Ukraine, so the guy forgotten metropolitan everyday life for a long time.

And only with the hosts moving to Moscow, his fate changed dramatically. He finally gets a real freestyle, along with his family, and here he is, as they say, broke through. In Ukraine, he did not leave his skill - he made sketches, painted portraits of peasants and owners. And he didn’t come to Moscow empty-handed. He presented three of his great canvases to the Academy - “The Lacemaker”, “The Pauper Old Man” and “Portrait of Skotnikov”. For these presented canvases, he was elevated to the appointment. And when he presented another portrait - then he was awarded the title of academician. This is soaring!

For his creative life, the artist performed more than three thousand portraits. Three thousand!!! No wonder he entered the golden age of our Russian painting and his paintings are the pearls of Russian art.

As for the self-portrait itself, that is, this is a bit of vanity and gratitude. He was given free, he was given the opportunity to go out to people with his talent. Yes, he stands against the backdrop of the Kremlin, but in his hand is his tool, which he did not throw up until the last minute of his life - a palette and brushes.

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