Description of Karl Bryullov's painting “Portrait of Zinaida Volkonskaya”

Description of Karl Bryullov's painting “Portrait of Zinaida Volkonskaya”

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In the portrait of the famous 3.A. Volkonskaya, the artist managed to bring his skills to a new level. Bryullov was very good friends with this famous and beautiful woman, and he was friends until old age, until his death. Perhaps that is why Bryullov was able to amazingly draw a man whom she knew so well, understood and loved.

Contemporaries Z.A. Volkonskaya more than once talked about her outstanding talents and abilities. She possessed excellent vocal abilities, had a wonderful stay on stage, and she was well versed in literature. About her repeatedly wrote and Pushkin, and Baratynsky, and Kozlov. Alexander Sergeevich called her queen, muse and master of inspiration. He spoke more than once about her thoughtfulness and genius.

This is exactly what she appeared to us in the portrait of Bryullov. She is sitting in a beautiful, large armchair. Most of the composition is occupied by a chair and a magnificent actress dress. Her gaze was fixed on distances unknown to the viewer. She is full of thoughtfulness and tenderness. Her gaze reflects and flickers of new inspiration.

Subtle female features make the viewer inspired and obey this muse. And despite all its airiness, lightness, thoughtfulness and mystery, an inner strength and spirit are felt in her. Tightly pressed lips express a contradiction, disagreement, the presence of their own opinions.

It seems a little more and 3.A. Volkonskaya speak directly from the picture. The index finger raised to the chin, once again emphasizes the thoughtfulness of the actress. She is clearly thinking about something; rebellious thoughts are not going to leave her head. Of the jewelry on it, only a pair of earrings and bracelets. But they are very delicate and refined, do not take away much attention and once again emphasize the fragility of a woman.

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