Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich "City Doomed"

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich

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The painting depicts a mighty castle, which, apparently, has not stood for a century among sharp rocks. The background is a formidable, almost black sky. Castle windows reflect a red glow, possibly of a battle raging nearby. The sky, executed in bloody colors, should symbolize the imminent onset of war. Scarlet shades are a symbol of the subsequent revolution.

These colors act as the main background for the future collapse of the castle, and therefore the world around it. The general impression is created of a certain inevitability, the inexorable course of history, sweeping away any creations of man in his path.

The castle is surrounded by the same blood-red dragon. He clogged all the entrances and exits from the building, preventing the residents from escaping to freedom. The city is really doomed to inevitable death. The dragon leaves no choice: only death lies ahead.

Residents may not yet be aware of upcoming events. There is no glimmer of light in the windows, indicating that someone else is not sleeping. Outside is night, so everyone is sleeping. But only the dragon does not sleep, flowing over sharp rocks. His head is tilted down, as if he was about to descend from the mountains. In fact, he is most likely looking for other ways for the castle residents to retreat.

The main shade chosen by Roerich for his work was dark blue interspersed with white and red. This combination seems to inform the viewer that there is no one else in the castle. He will soon be desolate. There will only be a skeleton of a building, with strong walls resting on a mountain range.

And yet, they will not give salvation. A new world will come, and the old one will disappear from the face of the planet. People will have to submit to the upcoming revolution, otherwise the dragon will devour them, as he has already done with representatives of the human race more than once. It remains only to wait for the dawn: then everything will happen.

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