Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova “The noise of the old park”

Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova “The noise of the old park”

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This work was written by Apollinar Mikhailovich Vasnetsov in 1926. This is the last picture of the artist, which is a kind of reflection of his inner experiences at the sunset of life. Exactly this masterpiece of an autobiographical nature.

Carefully peering into this work of art, it is worth paying attention to the foreground. Before us is green both on the right and on the left. The crown of trees bends strongly under the pressure of the wind.

A sufficiently strong wind bends green grass to the ground itself. In the center of the picture is a gray-haired old man, immersed in deep thoughts, completely captivating his consciousness. In front of the old man is a beautiful pond. It is imperative to pay attention to the colors with which the author conveys the alarm of violent wind.

In the background, drowning in the bright colors of greenery, one can see the possessions of a gray-haired old man. On the left in the picture is a path leading from the garden to the house, which, apparently, led the old man to a brick ledge.

The painting first of all carries a deep philosophical meaning. It contains Greek stoic wisdom, the relationship of man to life and death. The old man, who is in the center of the picture, is at the sunset of his age, like nature, mentally says goodbye to the last rays of the sun.

The main character of the picture holds on to his head, perhaps regretting the past, the past, and the things that cannot be returned. A man in unity with nature experiences sadness and nostalgia, and pride in the sincerity and honesty of his life actions. Only if a person has lived his life with dignity, at the sunset of his age he will be able to feel its true beauty, grandeur and wealth.

This magnificent work of the artist is filled with a sense of calm and gratitude for the years lived and is an embodiment of the transience of the life cycle.

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