Description of the painting Mikaloyus Čiurlionis “Paradise”

Description of the painting Mikaloyus Čiurlionis “Paradise”

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Mikalojs Čiurlionis is a famous Lithuanian artist and composer. The picture opens before us a wonderful world unknown to us, shows the audience the beauty of the other world. This work is filled with purity and beauty, the unusual landscape and characters depicted on the canvas. Ciurlionis combined his talents for painting and music and embodied all his dreams and fantasies in the picture into a single whole.

The artist sees the world in a completely different way, not like all people. All fans of the young artist probably know that he first studied music, and only later became very interested in painting, so we dare to notice his artistic and musical skills go hand in hand creating such masterpieces.

Ciurlionis strives to make the picture sound like musical notes, and the colors obey the musical rhythm. The picture is mainly painted in orange and gold, looking at it it seems that it warms us to the core. The author shows the audience not our real world, but another completely mysterious and fantastic, in which you can see a lot of light and purity.

On the canvas, the artist clearly draws even the smallest details, such as leaves of grass, petals of daisies, dandelions and many other flowers, also beautifully paints colorful butterflies circling over the meadow.

Beautiful angels roam the clearing, without worrying about anything, their souls are pure and beautiful, near the steps leading directly to God. The bluish sky is covered with white clouds, snow-white doves gently fly around, a calm sea washes the coast, it reflects the sky.

Looking at the clouds of a strange shape and the sky breaking through them, it seems that all this is calling us back, to the old everyday life, I want to return for a moment, but immediately looking at the steps leading up, you understand that there is no life more beautiful and calm than here.

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